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Hello, I am looking for a long term home to share with other like minded people. I am mature, responsible and have references from past shared homes. I am not looking to simply rent a room in a house; I am seeking a long term opportunity to share a home with other mindful and conscious people.

Mindful and responsible: I have spent the last 28 years with a kind and gentle meditation practice guiding my life, with much of my efforts going into studying the "nature of mind", as well as being involved with yoga-asana for health benefits. All of my life's choices are predicated on discerning wisdom and mindfulness, always trying to create a better person out of myself; always making the best choice that benefits everyone. I am environmentally conscious. My friends have (joked) with me that it seems as if I am the only responsible adult in the room most of the time; being the person who always makes sure to set the thermostat, close the windows and lock the door; I am the one who cleans up the mess no one else will. I am always watching out for others, making sure everyone is OK. Life is easy for me, so I use that mindset to be mindful, to be part of the solution, never part of the problem.

Clean and positive: I have always kept my home clean. I've found that being highly responsible makes it an easy thing for me to do. Although, I am not anal or obsessive about cleaning, I am simply competently clean. I always clean up after myself - and others if I have to. I never even leave a dirty dish. I love to have a comfortably clean home, so sharing a home with other responsibly clean people would be a beautiful thing. I am also a kind and positive man. I do not want to change anyone, or complain about anybody, or anything; instead I prefer to see my cup, and yours, as half full. I always look for goodness in others; there is always so much more goodness in a person than any negatives, which is always easy to find if you choose to look. I do not do drama, nor want to be around it. I seek other happy, humorous and positive people to share a home with. I believe life is a gift and should be lived with contentment and joy. I believe we do have choice each day whether to be happy or sad; I always choose happy.

Animal lover and cook: I have been a vegan/vegetarian for 27 years now. I see animals' lives as precious, a gift - not food. I care deeply for animals, especially dogs, so if you have any animals I can guarantee they will love having me around. My references will gladly admit to how well I treated, and loved, their animals. I love to cook, that is why having a clean kitchen is paramount to me. I have an extremely healthy whole food, organic diet that keeps me healthy and happy. I cook once a day at around 2 pm, so if you also cook our schedules will not conflict.

Health and finances: I am extremely healthy and happy, both mentally and physically; all due to my long time meditation practices, and all the wonderful teachings that came with them; the yoga that is such a big part of my life, and my diet. I hike once or twice a week, and walk everyday that weather will allow; so it is good to be me. But, I have had three traumas, and three major surgeries in the last 28 years, which has made me a bit of a healthy type of Humpty Dumpty, but my doctors are extremely happy by how well I am doing; my last doctor telling me he wished all his patients would take care of themselves as well as I do. So, I am extremely healthy, but my heavy lifting days are over, due to my physical limitations I now must be careful, but it certainly does not slow me down, rarely does it stop me. I have been on disability since 2005, so my finances are reliable, but extremely limited. In the past I have done some work exchange for partial rent, which has worked out well for both me and my roommate(s) as I can always be trusted.

What would I like to see in a home: Obviously I would like to have this move be a long term opportunity; I do not want to move again, if at all possible? I would love to share this home with positive minded, happy and humorous people. People whose cups are definitely half full would be a perfect fit for me. I would hope all the people involved were extremely good communicators; hopefully being the type of people who listen to others in order to understand what is being said, not the type of people who simply listen to reply; a big difference. I would love to have a whole bunch of animals around, if possible; the more the better as I will help love them all. I do need any home I live in to be clean, just competently clean, not anally or fanatically clean, just clean: but I do tire of cleaning up after everyone, so..... More than anything I would hope to share any new home with open minded people, the type of people who treat everyone with equanimity and kindness - and a whole bunch of humor. I want to share a home with others who focus on what is right in this world, not what is wrong. I would hope this home would be extremely environmentally conscious and aware, just as I am. I want to find a beautiful tribe, a home; I do not want to just rent a room in a house.

Location: I currently live on Grand Junction, and would be happy to stay in this area, but I would be also willing to move anywhere as long as I can find the contented living arrangement, and the mindful, positive household I seek. So I put this out to the world.

As you have read (if you've made it this far) I am an excellent communicator, so if you are interested in talking to me about sharing your home please tell me a bit about your home and what you are looking for in a roommate. If you are really interested in anything I've said, if it sounds like I could fit nicely into your beautiful home (again I have excellent references) then give me your phone number so I can call you.

With a smile, Tenzin
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