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The right to privacy is not guaranteed by the constitution. It kind of is by the Bill of rights.

Well you can forget that shit. Starting as early as the twenties they have been slowly chipping away at it. There were ups and downs. Any erosion in the right to privacy has been sold to the American public as this will make you safer. Everybody wants to be safe.

My old buddy Ben wrote.

“Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one”.

I want to be safe. I want to be protected from bad guys. God know we pay enough taxes to that end. Direct and worse yet. Indirect taxes. Make no mistake when your insurance rates go up because some insurance company lost a stupid million-dollar lawsuit. That is an indirect tax. When a store hires private security to cut down on shoplifting. You pay for that. That is an indirect tax. It goes on and on. I will not.

I tried to find out how many people are employed in the criminal justice system. I gave up. It would take weeks. The same with GNP. I did find it by state. In 2009 Nevada spent 10 percent. Remember that was pre 911. Everything has exploded since then. Going down the states they decline by about 1/10 of a percent per state. That averages, a bunch, I have no clue.

That does not touch Federal and Homeland security. Since 911, OMG.

I am going to say again. Or let Ben.

Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

Shortly after 911 with the passing of the Homeland Security Act. I told some friends. Our children and our grand children will not have a clue what the right to privacy means. It has come to pass. There is no such thing. The only hope any body has is no one has the time to look through all the data they have on you.

Some fun factoids.

In America you are filmed 75 times a day. How do they know. I think its higher. I do not know. They say in London its 300 times. Who has time to look at that film?

Homeland security has a copy of every phone call you have ever made for the last 9 or 10 years. Why?

There is some interesting software out there. With a few weeks telephone history, they can discover everybody you know and everybody they know.

It is common police practice to check out a house via satellite in real time before a dangerous raid or arrest.
No warrant required. It is also common for them just to take a look.

If you are ever arrested or charged for any offense it will be recorded for the rest of your life. I did not say convicted. I said arrested or charged. They say they cannot use it against you in a court. It does not say they cannot find it. The just cannot use it against you in a court. Fat chance. They can at sentencing.

I saw this happen.

A friend and his wife wanted to be missionary’s. They were god fearing people. They wanted a position at a church facility. House parents.

They filled out an application and said they had been never arrested.
Nobody knew how, but that church school got a hold of their FBI record. It was probably a coincident that the mission board had a couple super cops on their board of directors.

When the man was 13, some 24 years ago. he was arrested for shoplifting. He was guilty as sin, he did it. The record was supposedly expunged. Expunged is a lie, does not happen.

They asked him why he did not reveal that. What else was he hiding? He said he forgot. Likely story. They did not get the nonpaying job they wanted. They were sick.

Within two weeks they were informed they could continue as missionaries. However, their funding had been cut and they would have to pay all their own expenses. They were forced out. Their record said they left voluntary.

The churches hands were clean.

They still belong to that church. I do know why.

Ever contact you have ever had with law enforcement is recorded forever.

I heard about this firsthand from the man it happened to.

You are on a cross country trip. You are going to East Jesus Mississippi to buy some jewelry you have been wanting to collect for years. They will only take cash.

No problem you go to the bank before you leave and get $12,000 in cash.

You are pulled over in Pecker Wood Flats Arkansas for an illegal lane change.

They never pull you over for illegal lane changes unless it causes an accident or is blatantly reckless. They want to check you out. It is a common DUI fishing ploy.

I frequently drive home at three and four AM. I constantly get stopped for not signaling a lane change. I get let off with a warning. Yep DUI fishing. BTW it is not good to tell the officer you know he DUI fishing. He might acutely give you a ticket.

The guy had thrown the envelope with the cash on the seat beside him. The office checked his licenses, registration and insurance. In the process he asked if he could look in the envelope. Sure, I got nothing to hide.
The officer lectured him about lane changes but magnanimously agreed to forget about the illegal lane change and the man was free to go.

However, he was keeping the money because he believed it to be the proceeds of criminal activity. Two years and $7,500 of legal fees later he got his $12,000 back. The jewelry was sold to another buyer.

I play a lot of poker. I used to carry two to four thousand dollars cash. Now I never carry more than $500 and make arraignment to pick up what I need at the bank in the town I am going to. Before I leave town I put it back in the bank. I never carry it. Getting it stolen is not the problem. I could make an illegal lane change and the police could take it.

In most major city's a large percentage of the drug enforcement department budget (more than 50 per cent). Is funded by forfeiture laws. No judge ever says its ok to take that money.

I never really was afraid of bad guys. I have had a couple encounters with bad guys over the years and occasionally I was glad a policeman was there to help.

However, within the last few years I have crossed a line. I do not know when I crossed I crossed it, but I did.
Now I spend more time and effort protecting myself from my guardians than I spend protecting myself from bad guys.

Tell your grand kids about right to privacy. If they know what it is they may get it back in the future. The distant future.

It will not be taught in schools. They would lose federal funding.

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