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Durango Summer Camp Covid Test Helper (Durango)


compensation: $300-400 per on-site day
employment type: contract

Looking to be outdoors this summer and are highly focused and detail oriented? Want to be a key part of helping kids get back to work?

We have the responsibility for COVID testing children before they are permitted to enter their summer camps and we need detail oriented people to execute the “resulting” portion of the Covid testing process.

This is meaningful part-time work for the summer as we all get back to a new normal and it’s a great role for someone personable who loves the outdoors, went to camp as a kid and loved it and wants some part-time work this summer doing something that makes kids’ lives better after this long pandemic. We want to hear from you! Positions start now!


What’s Involved:

In the field of Covid testing, there are medical personnel who swab the test takers and place the swab in a sealed test tube. Resulters are the staff that actually produce the test results—on-site and with some simple processing.

How Resulters Do Their Job:

- Your work environment is inside a double tent setup (or, if indoor, then a sterile see-through tent inside a conference room, for example). If outside, you’ll setup the outer ‘popup’ tent as well as the inner sterile tent; this may be best completed with two people (there will be at least one nurse who does the tests who will help).

- You will need to setup your testing area inside the sterile tent which includes locating your power source (electric or generator), plugging in appropriate extension cords and power strips, and setting up a 4’ table and a folding chair.

- Next, you will need to wipe down/sterilize the inside of the tent, the table and the chair with alcohol wipes. Then unpack heaters and plug them in, and prepare all necessary testing tools/items (heaters, pipettes, testing/resulting stands, sharps container, trash can, clock, pen(s), sample racks, etc. that will be inside the tent) by wiping them down with alcohol wipes. This also includes double-checking the measurement setting and function of the pipette(s).

- You’ll be using PPE (gloves, face mask, face shield and a paper “gown” to help create the sterile and safe environment for you. You’ll be changing out your gloves and mask a couple times during the day, particularly gloves when you change up your activities or leave the tent for the restroom, etc.

- Prior to the day’s live testing starting, you’ll setup a “control” test with a liquid that shows up in the tests as a Covid-positive (it is not, it is just a synthetic material) but it allows us to test that the test “heater” ( is working. There will be 2 vials to this test, one will show as negative, and the other as positive. You will need to use the pipette to add the synthetic sample into the positive vial prior to the heating process.

- Once controls are run, it will be necessary to change gloves prior to testing. **During testing, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you clean the pipette and your gloves with alcohol wipes THOROUGHLY between test sample processing to ensure there will be no cross-contamination.

- Every few minutes during a testing event at an employer’s designated location, the medical personnel (“testers”) will bring batches of test tubes to the tent you’re in, along with a “batch sheet” which matches up with the corresponding order of the individual samples. Each “batch” consists of 8 samples. (

- The enclosed, sterile see-through 5x5x5 foot tent looks like this:

- Wearing normal PPE (mask, facemask, gloves and disposable gown), you execute the tests while seated at a folding table inside the covered tent, where the test tubes are brought in on a rack (

- Working with each tube, you will use a sealed pipette tool, put on a new, sterile tip each time, ( press the top button to the halfway position, submerge the tip into the (sample) test tube and release the button to suck up the (measured) liquid. ( **It is important to visually observe/confirm the presence of (sample) liquid in the pipette for each test.

- Next, you’ll insert the tip all the way down into the corresponding mini vial (pink testing liquid) then fully press the pipette button to release the liquid into the mini vial. ( After each sample, you will “eject” the pipette tip into the sharps container, and clean the pipette and your gloves thoroughly before proceeding to the next sample.

- You’ll repeat this 7 times to complete the batch, place and secure the caps on top of the pipettes, and and place the strip into a “heater” (

- You’ll switch the test heater on, and make a notation of the heater number and start time on the “batch sheet.” 30 minutes later, the tests will be finished with the heating process.

What Happens When the Tests Results are In?

When the heater’s 30-minute cycle is completed, you’ll record/log the test results (yellow is positive, red is negative) on the “batch sheet” and give the completed sheet to your WBTW team lead for recording into our software platform (or in some cases, load them into the test results software yourself). **It is important that if you have any question as to whether you’re uncertain with a particular result (judging the color) that you consult with your WBTW team lead.

What Other Responsibilities Do I Have?

- Sometimes you’ll pick up the testing “kit” (all the items you need for a test event) and bring them, along with a portable freezer/refrigeration.

- You’ll often drive to the testing event and, occasionally, you’ll be flown to the testing event; if a multi-day event is scheduled, you’ll be put up in a hotel (and provided a rental car?).

- During the testing events, you’ll want to take breaks whenever you feel you might be getting distracted or losing focus; it’s extremely important to handle the materials with accuracy and precision so each person receives their own test result, samples are not mixed up, and/or there is no cross-contamination between tests.

- You’ll periodically change PPE (replacing gloves, primarily) throughout the day and keep your work area sanitized with alcohol wipes for precaution.

- You’ll dispose of each pipette tip after each test tube in a secure “sharps” container (

- At the end of the testing event, you’ll dispose of all remaining supplies in garbage bags we provide, and all biowaste (in small red bags) is bagged up in the appropriate bags.
Depending on the testing event, you may need to drive the test tubes for any Covid-positive people to a local testing lab or drop them into a FedEx package (provided with the test event kit provided) for shipment to an offsite lab for confirmatory testing.

Ideal background of our candidate:

- Highly dependable (always shows up on time and follows precise process rules)
- Detail oriented and likes repeatable processes
- Physically able to work for 4-6 hours typically
- Physically able to setup popup tents and carry small tables, folding chairs and equipment boxes.
- Enough space in the your car for transportation of storage bins and items
  • Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.
  • do NOT contact us with unsolicited services or offers

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