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Sep 13 Ray Scott Supports Privatizing Roads, adding Tolls (Mesa County) pic

Sep 12 Mike Harlow: The Ugliest Side of Mesa County (Mesa County) pic

Sep 2 re:Natives (U.S.A.)

Aug 29 natives? (dgo) map

Aug 28 This cannot continue....... (USA)

Aug 27 As Usual, to critisize is considered hate speech (Grand Junction)

Aug 27 choices (laplata) map

Aug 25 re: re: mad money (conservative) pic

Aug 25 In The Age Of Information (Grand Old Party Still Going On) pic

Aug 25 Revert "McInnis Canyons" Back to its Original Name! (Colorado) pic

Aug 25 Re: Mad Money (Grand Junction) pic

Aug 24 Re: Mad money...

Aug 22 mad money in colo (us senate) map

Aug 17 Humans Against Coercion map

Aug 9 dirty money in co ? Tx carl rove (dgo) map

Aug 3 Got Ethics ? (Just Say Nope !) pic

Aug 2 re: thanks for the Confirmation (I See Your Lips Movin Without A Solution) pic

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Sep 15 Green Party. Vote your values Not your fears pic

Sep 15 polling

Sep 15 Republicans in Congress (Sinking Ship) pic

Sep 15 get informed! corporate media pro-war lies exposed! map

Sep 15 Obamas ship is sinking map

Sep 15 Restate the Pledge of Allegiance (Denver) pic

Sep 15 The No Plan (Denver) pic

Sep 15 bush censoring reports......

Sep 15 The Big Plan (DC) pic

Sep 15 National Debt Update (USA)

Sep 15 Obama's Biggest Whopper? (never never land) pic map

Sep 15 Conservative Pedophile of the Day: Will Hayden (STOP REPUBLICAN PEDOPHILIA) pic

Sep 15 Rectumlickums are campaigning against obstruction?!?!?!?!?! (rePEDOPHILIcAns ARE the obstruction!) pic

Sep 15 Extent of Antarctic sea ice reaches record levels, scientists say

Sep 15 Wash. Post/ABC News Poll: Most Say Obama's Presidency a Failure map

Sep 14 re: Want to help defeat Gardner and Lamborn? (Colorado Springs)

Sep 14 If Global Warming is fake, then why did Bush censor the reports? (Nationwide.) pic

Sep 14 The rich are not overtaxed. They are overpaid. (Nationwide.)

Sep 14 RE re: Day in the Life of a Republican (never never land) pic map

Sep 14 "My Kingdom for ONE right winger that can respond" map

Sep 14 Help Repeal Aurora's Pit Bull Ban (Aurora CO) pic map

Sep 14 re: what will you never see a liberal male do AGAIN (In Romneyvision) pic

Sep 14 Star Spangled Boehner (Speaker Of The) pic

Sep 14 Miss Me Yet ! ("Lil Bushwacker") pic

Sep 14 re: Day in the Life of a Republican map

Sep 14 roposting liberal idiots (hottest may)

Sep 14 Want to help defeat Gardner and Lamborn? (Colorado Springs)

Sep 14 Rectumlickers: The Cult of Rectum Licking (Red State Vet) pic

Sep 14 Potemkin Village 2.0 (never never land)

Sep 14 Democrats - Party of the TRANS ANAL PROBE

Sep 13 Islamic Extremism on the Rise Under obama pic map

Sep 13 This May Was the Hottest in Recorded History (Stop Republican Global Burning) pic

Sep 13 What (flip flop) does Both Ways (flip flop) Bob have in common with (Flip floppin' romnesia) pic

Sep 13 Republicans - Party of the TRANS VAGINAL PROBE

Sep 13 A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A REPUBLICAN (Never Never Land) pic

Sep 13 Conservative beheads American journalist (republican or taliban?) pic

Sep 13 Looters Hit Ocktoberfest in Hatred of Germans map

Sep 13 The Golf Address (Barack HuStain Golftard) pic

Sep 13 1 in 3 kids in CA illegal or can't speak English (Isn't LibStainism wonderful?) pic

Sep 13 It 93 degrees todays. See I tolds you it was global warmings (PBL, gay while thankful) pic

Sep 13 Conservatives are filth. (They are pathological liars.) pic

Sep 13 RE: 19 facts that PBL's king doen't want him to know (He'll be pissin

Sep 12 19 facts that PBL's king doen't want him to know (He'll be pissing his thong) pic

Sep 12 Re: Rectumlickums are campaigning against obstruction (PBL's feeeelings have short circuited) pic

Sep 12 I Love To Be Taken Advantage Of By Greedy Selfish Rich Powerful Men (Only Republicans Can Full Fill My Needs) pic

Sep 12 How's that bush doctrine working out? (ANOTHER epic rectumlicker failure.) pic

Sep 12 Laughing pic

Sep 12 Most gay sex scandals and almost all pedophilia = republican. (FACTS ARE LIBERAL) pic map

Sep 12 Rember the woman who thought she was goig to get free gas and her... (mortgage paid by Otard?) pic

Sep 12 So much for that global warming theory, huh libs? pic map

Sep 12 Bush warned obama about leaving Iraq too soon pic map

Sep 12 Bush War Crimes Created ISIL (thank republicans)



Sep 12 Poll: Women Turn on Obama map

Sep 12 Crazed cultist bragging about owning a rectum.?.?.? (Now THAT'S republican) pic

Sep 12 I OWN a Rectum!!! (PBL, I a Rectum OWNING gayer) pic

Sep 11 Bat Shit Crazy cultservaturd is a typical conservative. (He's EVERY KKKultservaturd) pic

Sep 11 no terrorists on us soil

Sep 11 Click your heals together three times and say...global warming is real

Sep 11 "We never had any beheadings under Bush."

Sep 11 RE:RE:Hillary wants to wait until after the new year pic

Sep 11 hotest may in recorded history

Sep 11 Hey, Pedophile Butt Licker the Lying Rectumlickum pic

Sep 10 This May Was the Hottest in Recorded History (Stop Republican Global Burning) pic

Sep 10 Rectumlickums Licking rectums, dripping with romnesia (The cultists are just filthy) pic

Sep 10 Rectumlicking causes romnesia among rectumlickums (romnesia, a STD that started at C-PAC) pic

Sep 10 The No Plan (PBL, Facts is Librol & I be Gay) pic

Sep 10 Okay, all you brighter than bright

Sep 10 re The No Plan

Sep 10 Campaign Volunteer Coordinator (Denver )

Sep 10 RE:Kory G. = Greed = Chamber of Commerce = map

Sep 10 Kory G. = Greed = Chamber of Commerce = Big Oil = Coruption = Banard =

Sep 10 Glad YOU Brought it up (bad House bills)

Sep 10 Name One Bill Passed by Republicans that helped Americans (You can't)

Sep 10 700,000 INJURED VETERANS FROM THE STUPID REPUBLICAN WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (start another one morons)

Sep 10 frightened little republicscum Kill Progressive Talk in Denver (frightened little idiots)

Sep 10 Idiot "Brain Free" Can't Comprehend Anything!

Sep 10 Polling avalanche: GOP leads in eight races for Democrat-held Senate (seats) map

Sep 10 Golf, Rectum? (PBL, I forgots this fact tooo!) ) pic

Sep 10 Petitioners

Sep 9 RE: Still waiting................................. (Lone Tree) pic

Sep 9 Obama best economic president of modern times! (Forbes Magazine) pic

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